Wrap Gifts with Fabric for These Amazing Advantages

Do you know why tens of thousands of people are searching for ‘fabric gift wraps’ and ‘fabric gift bags’? That’s because wrapping gifts with fabrics is an easy, stylish, and eco-friendly way of doing it. We have for you, stretchable fabrics that families all over America and worldwide are using to wrap gifts quickly and beautifully.

Using Wrapeez is like dressing your gifts in the finest of fabrics, without the hassle that comes with tapes, wrapping paper, and scissors. Besides being eco-friendly, fast, and easy, fabric gift wrapping comes with numerous other advantages that give it an edge over paper. No wonder Wrapeez is highly recommended on Instagram and blogs.

Have a look at the many advantages of using fabric gift bags and wraps from Wrapeez:

They save valuable time

Wrapping gift with Wrapeez is quick, easy, and saves time spent on traditional wrapping which eventually ends up as trash. During the holiday season, families spend countless hours wrapping gifts.

Switching to fabric gift bags will leave more time for fun with friends and loved ones. Hence, it makes perfect sense.


Variety in designs and sizes

If you are picky about gift wrapping, you are in for a treat because fabric gift wraps from Wrapeez come in many designs and colors. Multiple sizes mean that you can fit everything from boxes to wine bottles, little perfume bottles, jewelry, cards, gourmet, condiments, stuffed animals, etc.

Our fabric gift wraps come with built-in bows to adorn the gift, and tags to convey your best wishes. They are really all-in-one gift wraps.

gift wrap bags.jpeg

They last a lifetime

It is not just about the vibrant colors or fancy bows. The quality of Wrapeez fabric gift bags, the printing technology and the vitality of our products are the best you can ask for. They last longer and will get passed in your circle of family & friends, becoming part of memories along the way.


Wrapeez is a wrapping product designed to last years without creating harm to the environment. It will keep creating value and savings wherever it will go.


They are kissed by nature

Wrapping paper is not eco-friendly or reusable. This is one reason why fabric gift wrapping is gaining popularity amongst families, students, and even entrepreneurs who are conscious about the impact they make with their buying habits.

In short, fabric gift wrap is the easiest way to give back to nature.

Benefits are seriously many

Say goodbye to spending money on buying traditional wrapping paper which will end up in trash. Fabric gift wrap is a gift to go along with your gift! Buying gift wraps in bundles will also bring huge savings!

Wrapeez has revolutionized the way you wrap your gift! It is beautiful, environment-friendly, easy to use, and easier to reuse. What more can you ask for?

So, the next time you need wrapping, Wrap quickly with fabric. It is so easy you can wrap your gift on the way to your party even when you are just pulling into the party you were supposed to be at an hour ago. Wrapeez takes little time, under 20 seconds and requires no tape or scissors, and comes in a variety of different sizes!

All it takes to wrap a gift with our stretchy fabric gift wrap is a pair of hands. We promise all ages will enjoy how easy it is to wrap and how fast they can get the job done.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video!